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Laura Enright

Reviews for To Touch The SUn

"If you enjoy an extra pinch of science, a dash of dastardly deeds and a good dollop of rich character development with your serving of supernatural stories this book is well worth a read. Just don’t ask about the spicy cashews...”- 3/5 Goodreads Review
“Story-wise, it did not disappoint. It’s pulse-quickening action v. thoughtful characterization v. angst & introspection. It has a charismatic nemesis, powerful threat elements and tension. It was very vivid and excitingly paced. If you’re after something fun and original and are a fan of your blood suckers, I would highly recommend. ”  
3/5 Goodreads Review
“Narain is a wonderfully complex character. You immediately fall a little in love with him and the life he leads. This is not a sappy love story nor is it a horror filled angst ridden tomb, but rather a perfect blend of mystery, history, romance and action. It reminds me in many ways of Robin McKinley's Sunshine in that it takes the whole vampire novel to a new level.” - 5/5 Goodreads Review
“Laura Enright has written a well-crafted story with a whole new approach to vampires in the book To Touch the Sun. It is engaging and very well written. The story has the perfect balance of romance and intrigue. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves vampire novels or to anyone who would just like to read a great story! ”
 5/5 Goodreads Review
“Without giving too much away, I had to stop reading the last part of the book on the train to work when tears threatened to spill. That's how attached I became to the characters.” – 4/5 Amazon Review

“It’s a smart take on the vampire legend filled with interesting characters and a richly detailed world. The main vampire, Narain is a fascinating character. He invokes our sympathy without excessive bemoaning of his fate. The writing holds your interest throughout, which is the highest compliment I can pay a writer.” – 5/5 Amazon Review
“A gripping tale that steps away from the romanticism of being a vampire, and makes you think twice about what it is to have an immortal existence thrust upon you, whether you like it not.” – 4/5 Amazon Review
“I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys vampire fiction, or just a good suspenseful story. I'm looking forward to book two!” – 5/5 Amazon Review

To Touch The Sun is a very entertaining read filled with great characters and a story line that sets it apart from other vampire tales. I hope that you can find the time to give this great story the attention it deserves. - 4/5 Amazon Review