The Greatest writer who Ever Lived

Laura L. Enright

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In June, 2014 I drove to the New Lenox Library, Illinois to be on "Meet Your Neighbor". Interviewing me was Kate Hall, the director of the library and also an old friend. We filmed the interview before the library opened (which meant a very early start for me to make the 90 minute drive down there) and it was a lot of fun to do. It's a beautiful library in a nice little town. Though true to form, I did get lost on the way back. And also true to form, I found my way home. 

When my book Vampires' Most Wanted was published, the folks at the Nick Digilio show on WGN Radio in Chicago were nice enough to have me on in a phone interview. It was a great deal of fun. Nick is a great interviewer and makes you feel completely comfortable. 

When To Touch the sun was released, I was fortunate enough to be a guest in the studio traveling down to the Tribune Tower downtown in an unexpected April snowstorm.

My third time on the show was in March 2016 to discuss Ujaali (among other things. As always it was a pleasure.

I did an interview on a blogradio show called The Speculative Fiction Cantina with host S. Evan Townsend when To Touch the Sun came out. That was enjoyable too. You gotta love the theme song. In August of 2015 I was again on The Speculative Fiction Cantina.